Health is Wealth, Discover Longrich


It has been around for 30 years and is still making a mark in satisfying consumers with its wide range of quality products and bringing financial independence to many. Longrich is a top Chinese company in the cosmetic industry, with more than two thousand products in diverse categories including skin care, health care and household care. But this is not all Longrich is known for. In the course of its existence it has been living up to its goal to provide customer satisfaction with its top-quality products. It is no doubt why they manufacture products for big companies including Forbes, Carrefour, Avon, Estee Lauder, Marks and Spencer, GSK, Unilever, etc. Now, that is one company whose products you can trust!
With an ISO 9001 certification (International Quality System) and also ISO 14001 (International Environmental Protection System), they have their products in over 50 countries, and yes, Camer is one of those countries. Get curious, find out more and benefit from Longrich!
Speaking of benefit, we are not simply talking about you enjoying Longrich products – as much as you are encouraged to discover for yourself and be sure to love them. We are talking about you becoming a Longrich partner. Welcome to the world of network marketing! The company offers a door of opportunity for financial independence and you too can walk through that door. Anyone can be a Longrich partner – selling their range of health and wellness products and owning your own business. The good news is, you are not left to yourself as you start up your business, but are provided with training and support throughout the course, to help you grow.


Explore the Variety
Longrich products are everyday consumables and the company is most concerned about the health and wellbeing of its consumers. Some of their products include:
1. Alkaline Cup
• Water filtered by the alkaline cup is beneficial for clearing acidic wastes in the body, while improving the body’s acidic environment.
• It makes water more suitable for absorption.
• It enhances water quality
• It effectively degrades the residue of chlorine content dissolved in water and reduces the damage of chlorine toxicity inside our body.
2. Antiperspirant Dew (roll-on)
• It gets rid of odour and keeps you feeling fresh and confident all-day long.
• It is soft and comfortable to skin, suitable for all skin types.
• It is quick-drying, not sticky and prevents itching under the armpit.


3. Bamboo Soap
• This soap contains natural cleansing ingredients (including bamboo charcoal powder) to absorb dirt on skin.
• It is suitable for natural and oily skin.
• Skin is kept fresh, smooth and moisturised, thanks to coconut oil extract.
4. SOD Cream
• It has great affinity for the skin, able to penetrate and help improve damaged skin.
• Provides nourishment and protection for supple, radiant and vigorous youthful skin.
• Moisturizes dry, rough or scaly skin.


5. Herbal Moisturising Body Wash
• Liquid soap suitable for all skin types
• It penetrates skin tissue and repairs allergic reaction
• Also, effective in treating skin irritation
6. Brightening Treatment Shampoo
• Effective in treating dandruff and promote hair growth
• Adds lustre to hair with its herbal qualities

7. White Tea Toothpaste
• Fluorine-free cavity prevention
• For healthy gums and teeth, and prevention of bad breath.
• Whitening


8. Mouth Freshener Spray
• It contains white tea extract and peppermint oil that help to maintain fresh breath and oral health.
• Also helps to treat nasal congestion

9. Superbklean Magnetic Energy Sanitary Napkin
• Preserves health
• It is anti-bacterial
• It eliminates odour and itching, preventing discomfort
• Promotes metabolism

10. Superbklean Magnetic Energy Panty Liner
• It has the ability to kill 99% of bacteria with the help of the Anion Strip which helps eliminate odour and itching.

Longrich range of products also include teas (Green Tea, Sliming Tea and Blood Reducing Fat or Tianjiang Tea); chewable calcium supplement and a variety of health products.
To find out more about Longrich products and also to know how you can become an independent distributor, do contact: 677014790



Havaianasrose, le goût du Wax !


Mince, la première fois que j’ai lu ce nom sur instagram j’ai failli me mordre la langue ! Et pourtant les articles de cette férue du wax sont à couper le souffle !

Nothing to Something

RoyalstylWax est le projet de cette jeune camerounaise âgée de 30 ans, nommée Omandja Rose Rita.

Le projet de Rose va de la conception, du designing, de réalisation et production de ses accessoires et enfin la commercialisation. Ici, le tissu pagne est confectionné sous forme de prêt à porter pour promouvoir la culture africaine, vulgariser le tissu pagne qui est en majeur partie utilisé pour les deuils, mariages et cérémonies ou confectionner dans des ateliers de coutures et pour la plupart des cas des insatisfactions sont enregistrées…


Chez Royalwax les modèles sont inspirés des dernières tendances de mode Européenne et Africaine. Hommes, femmes, enfants y trouvent leur compte. Et les accessoires ne sont pas en reste ! Sac, Caba, chaussures, bracelets, sous-vêtements, short, chapeau casquette, tenue de plage etc…sont conçus et réalisés avec une touche créative des plus stylée et des finitions distinctes, nettes et sur mesure. Et ce n’est pas tout ! Notre belle amoureuse du wax utilise sa créativité dans le domaine de  la décoration intérieure.


Pour vos besoins en la matière vous pouvez la contacter au : +237 694 159 573 / +237 661 748 683.

Facebook: RoyalstylWax

Instagram: Havaianasrose


Wearing A watch: The Basics!


Before I ever bought this beautiful turquoise blue gypsy watch, I had made three years without wearing one. Ask me why I will never give an answer! And I have been thinking about it! Why have I not bought a watch after the last one got bad? For someone who says she loves accessories, it is really weird, isn’t it? Maybe because I didn’t just think about it, maybe I was discouraged in getting a new one (I can not recall the number of watches I had worn so far), or I was waiting to find this blue watch that I cherish so much, or maybe I just wanted to be without a watch. Really this calls for further questioning…why do you wear a watch? Is it for functionality or just for elegance?

These days, there are many styles, designs and sizes of watches. They are created with a lot of passion and inspiration. I have long been looking for something extra! Something that could make me feel unique and elegant. People wear watches for many reasons. The watch in itself has a purpose: give time! Time is money for business men, time goes and never comes back. You can’t catch up time that has eloped! Just for that, it is necessary, vital to own one.

Watches (2)

People give reasons not to wear one:

  • I have a phone —–Remember… your cell phone can run down and you might be running out of time.
  • If it is not an expensive watch, I won’t go for any! It is true that a wrist watch make it easier for some men to display their style. But you should think of the functionality.

It is good to know that having a watch is another way of being conscious about time. Being conscious of the fact that we have limited time. Nevertheless some people are obsessed with watches. Usually, men do not wear jewelries like women. They can have two to three watches of different style, craftsmanship and worth. Actually, having many watches is not a bad idea. You won’t wear your “Baskets” to a wedding ceremony right? Nor won’t you wear your “shorts” for a Gala night! It is the same as you can’t go to a ball with a sport watch on your wrist! That won’t make it.

Ring watch

I love watches and I got myself a finger watch. It is elegant and makes me feel unique and classy. Here are some basic guidelines in choosing and wearing a watch.

  • Do not wear a watch bigger than your wrist: Generally, men watch faces are larger than that of women. It is good to have the appropriate size of watch face.
  • There is really no correct wrist or standard wrist to wear your watch. Let it be right or left, chose the wrist you feel comfortable with.
  • Always make sure you choose the right watch for the appropriate occasion: a sports watch for a sports attire, a simple watch for a casual outing, an outstanding watch for formal gathering or event, a pocket watch that fits your style and look.
  • To avoid any burden, make it simple, choose a simple watch that could go for your day to day activities or casual clothing.

There you go! Among the thousands and millions of watches created every day, you can pick one and make it yours. Your watch, just like your jewelries or perfume, it is part of who you are and express better your personality, keeping you alert on what time it is and how much time you got.

Floriane, une Beauty Coach dans l’Ame !


J’adore les accessoires, mais j’en ai rencontré une qui à elle seule est un accessoire en esthétique et cosmétologie. C’est fou de se visualiser une personne en accessoire, mais de manière objective, je pense qu’elle en est un! Elle c’est qui ? Elle c’est Fleur, c’est Ma Fleur ! Mais noooon ! On ne s’approprie pas des personnes et en plus je ne suis pas pingre ni rapiat ni parcimonieuse surtout en ce qui concerne une perle comme Floriane !

Floriane est Esthéticienne de formation et propose plusieurs services pour le bonheur et la délectation de ces gentes dames. Elle se donne le plaisir d’être personal shopper et coach de beauté, tout ceci basé sur un devis fixé au préalable.

Floriane1 (2)

Coaching personnalisé de beauté :

  • cibler avec vous vos besoins, vos problèmes et vos attentes.
  • Etablir une routine de soins adaptée à votre type de peau, la routine qui va avec et un suivi bienveillant.
  • accompagnement à la recherche et achat de vos  produits cosmétiques sous la base de votre bourse et vos attentes.

Personal shopper:

  • Redonner de la saveur à votre dressing, fatigué ou pas assez rempli. Elle vous accompagne dans les boutiques pour le choix et l’achat de meilleurs produits, en particulier ceux qui vous conviennent, loin des diktats de la mode.
  • Proposer également des articles déjà disponibles.

Soins Capillaires :

  • Vendeuse d’extensions en tout genre (brésilienne, péruvienne, asiatiques, mongoliennes..).
  • Réalisation des colorations et perruques sur mesures. ..
  • Entretien et soin des extensions et cheveux de tous types

Qui n’a pas eu un jour besoin d’un regard neuf et bienveillant sur soi ? Cette belle et sulfureuse camerounaise vous aide à vous mettre en valeur, à faire évoluer votre allure, à affirmer votre style personnel. Pour elle, il n’y a pas qu’une seule façon d’exister, ni d’âge pour affirmer sa personnalité dans la liberté et la confiance. L’esthéticienne chevronnée et diplômée de la Schoonheidschool, Anvers et du Centre Européen d’Esthétique, Bruxelles  aime et apprécie tout ce qui tourne autour de la beauté du visage et du cheveu en particulier.

Floriane1 (1)

Son objectif principal est d’aider les filles et les femmes à s’aimer naturellement, ne plus se cacher derrière des tonnes de fond de teint, réduire leur usage et s’afficher au grand jour avec un teint radieux, parfait et sans tâches.

Floriane milite également contre le décapage en tout genre. Cela se ressent à travers ses conseils et ses choix en  produits cosmétiques qu’elle propose. Ils ne contiennent pas hydroquinone et ils sont contrôlés dans les laboratoires européens pour la plupart.

Floriane est généreuse dans l’âme et comme toute fleur radieuse de jour comme de nuit, elle partage son savoir-faire et son amour pour le bien-être à toutes. Talentueuses et rigoureuse au travail, elle a également exercé en tant que sécretaire trilingue (Français, anglais, néerlandais) et hôtesse.

Alors, mes jolies mignonnes, vous avez désormais une personne ressource pour vos problèmes de soins corporels et de bien être !

Consultez les pages Bel’Hair Noumi et La Boite à Beauté si vous êtes sur facebook. Laissez un message et toutes une équipe sera à votre entière disposition pour un coaching des plus méticuleux, suivi, et parfait.

Contact/WhatsApp : 📞 au 0032 488 614 613,

E-mail :




The Love and Passion for Rare, Outstanding and Exciting Accessories!

Glam, chic, beautiful but hard to find! Well, hard to find in your neighborhood, or hard to get in renowned super markets in your country: Beauty accessories!!!
Perfume, shoes, jewelries, cloths and all the niceties and pinkish little things adding a touch, a sparkle and glow to your look, but most of all that makes you unique and outstanding! The need to be different from others and always making a difference has always been one of the aspect of my character and identity. People always follow trends and fashion, people will always be looking up to a role model to have their own look, their own style and their own fashionable identity.
Following the trend is not bad. But I have never considered myself as a beauty icon, or a fashion trendsetter. I have always wanted to make a difference. That difference lies first of all in the comfort! Being comfortable in a dress or in your looks gives you a certain assurance, a certain self-esteem, a certain confidence in yourself.
Getting to know the right attire to wear, the right fragrance, the jewelries to match is a very meticulous and thorough task to carry out! I do not say I am the best at it, I do not say I have an insightful knowledge in guiding you. But I will share with you the tips on how to choose your accessories, where to find or get those beautiful niceties that make you different, or more, inform you of the innovations and trends in the domain of beauty and accessories!
Amoureusement votre!!!